Driving Licenses in Mexico City

Find out about how to obtain a driving license in Mexico City, where to go and the documents required...

Driving laws are regulated at state level in Mexico. Residency in a particular state must be demonstrated in order to apply for a driving license in that state. The information provided below pertains specifically to the process of getting a driving license in Mexico City.

It should be noted that parts of the Mexico City region are in Estado de Mexico and that different rules and procedures may apply.

A written exam, road test or health check is not required to get a driving license in the Distrito Federal and no previous driving license is required. However, a system of theory and practical testing will be implemented 2016.

The most common type of driving license in Mexico City is the Licencia de Conducir Tipo A, which covers the driving of any vehicle with fewer than 12 seats and weighing less than 3.5 tons as long as it is intended for personal use. Cars, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are all covered by this license. This license is valid for three years. Additionally, residents of CDMX between the ages of 15–17 are able to obtain a permit allowing them to drive within certain conditions; the license is valid until the holder turns 18.

For other driving purposes or vehicle types, a special driving license may be required.

Other procedures and regulations related to owning and operating a private vehicle can be found on the Transport Department (Secretaría de Movilidad) website (in Spanish).

Getting a Driving License in Mexico City

Licenses can be obtained at one of the Vehicle and Licensing Offices (Módulos de Licencias y Control Vehícular) throughout the CDMX. During the week these generally open from 08:00 until 18:00; on Saturdays, they may open between 09:00 and 13:00.

Licenses can also be obtained at Centros de Servicio de Tesorería. These satellite offices are often found within shopping centers and large grocery stores, and are open from 09:00-21:00, seven days a week, including holidays.

Documents required

To apply for a Licencia de Conducir Tipo A, applicants must bring the original and one copy of each of the following documents:

  • Official identification – for example a passport  for non-nationals
  • Proof of address (comprobante de domicilio); for example a bank statement, property tax bill, water or telephone bills no more than three months old. In the case of family members making applications at the same time, a separate copy is required for each application
  • Proof of residency – either the Temporary or Permanent Resident Visa (formerly the FM2 or FM3) is required; note that it is not possible to obtain a driver's license with a tourist visa (FMM)

Applicants must also provide the following original documents:

  • A signed statement that the information provided is accurate – this statement is completed as part of the process, and is provided at the time of application
  • Proof of payment – there are two options
    • Obtain an official form at the time of application; in which case the payment must be made at a bank or authorized payment center
    • Pay online (in Spanish); select “Clave: 01 Licencia A automovilista y motociclista por 3 años”

Minor’s Permit

The license for minors allows the operation of any vehicle that normally requires a Type A license, but restricts driving hours to between 06:00 and 22:00.

To apply for the Minor’s Permit (Permiso de Conducir para Menores de Edad), applicants between 15 to 17 years old must apply jointly with their parent or guardian; the following documents are required in original and copy:

  • Official identification of the parent or guardian, and of the applicant
  • Birth certificate of the applicant; a translation is not required but may facilitate the process
  • Proof of residency – either a Temporary or Permanent Resident Visa (formerly the FM2 or FM3); note that it is not possible to obtain a driving license with a tourist visa (FMM)

The following original documents are also required:

  • Medical certificate confirming the mental and physical capacity of the applicant to drive
  • Proof of enrolment at an authorized driver training school (Escuela de Manejo
  • Statement by the parents or guardian that the information provided is accurate, and that they are responsible for the minor
  • Proof of payment, with the same options as above. For online payments, select Clave: 14 Permiso de Conducir con Vigencia Única

Read more about applying for the minor’s permit (in Spanish).


The application process takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Documents are presented to the reception clerk, who checks that all required documents are included, and provides the applicant with the statement for payment if this was not completed online. If payment has not been made, this must be done before the process can continue. Bank branches or other payment kiosks are usually situated nearby.

Once proof of payment has been obtained, applicants take a number and wait to be interviewed. Applicants should be prepared to respond in Spanish to questions about whether this is their first license in Mexico, as well as about their profession, marital status and whether glasses are needed to drive. Proof of blood type may also be requested; if this is not known, it will be noted, and the applicant is not permitted to be an organ donor.

After confirming that the data has been entered correctly, the applicant is directed to another desk to have a photo taken and must then provide an electronic signature, and fingerprints of both index fingers. The license is prepared immediately.