Mexico City Metro

Find out about the metro network, with details on travel cards, tickets, discounts and traveling in Mexico City using the metro system...

The Mexico City metro has 12 lines, with 195 stations over 226.5Km. It is the second largest metro system in the Americas, and the eighth busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic.

All metro lines operate from 05:00 to 00:00 on weekdays, from 06:00 to 00:00 on Saturdays, and from 07:00 to 00:00 on Sundays and official holidays.


There are no ticket machines, so purchase is only possible from manned ticket booths in the station. The price is fixed for the whole network regardless of the length of the journey.

The ticket is fed into a machine at the turnstile and not returned; so there are no ticket checks on the trains, and no tickets to hand in at the departure stop. It is possible to purchase more than one ticket at a time, but there is no discount for doing so. Note that tickets bought at a certain price are no longer valid if the price goes up.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase a rechargeable travel card, often referred to as the CDMX card, which can be charged up to a maximum amount at the ticket office. The card is scanned at the automated ticket gate, which debits the cost of the journey from the electronic balance on the card, and displays the remaining credit. These cards can also be used on the Metrobús, Tren Ligero (light railway) and for the Ecobici bicycle sharing program.

Free travel

  • Over 60 years of age with INAPAM card (in Spanish)
  • Children under five
  • Registered disabled (in Spanish) - in addition to free travel, persons with disabilities, may obtain a card to activate elevators (in Spanish) throughout the Metro system
  • Young people registered with the Youth Institute (Instituto de la Juventud del DF - INJUVE): – this scheme is also open to young foreign residents of the city (website in Spanish)
  • Members of the police force


Discounts are available to the following categories of people:

  • Single women with children
  • The unemployed
  • Students with limited income

These discounts are available for 40 journeys over 30 days for each six month period; it is possible to renew for a further six months. A special card is needed by those who qualify for this discount.

Facilities for People with Reduced Mobility

Facilities for people with disabilities are limited but improving. Elevators, ramps and escalators are being added to many stations, and braille signs and guided paths are also increasingly available. Seeing-eye dogs are permitted. However, it is sometimes necessary to walk quite long distances when changing lines (correspondencia).

Traveling by Metro

Each metro line in Mexico City has a number – from 1 to 12. However, they are more commonly known by their color. Each station, as well as having a name, also has a symbol, which can be used to identify the station stop. Note: Line 5 (the yellow line) goes to the airport.

Stations are spacious with wide platforms and can get very crowded in rush hour. There are very few seats in metro carriages, so travelers frequently have to remain standing.

During rush hour, the first two or three coaches of each train are reserved for women and children under 12 years old. This is generally from 06:00-10:00 and 18:00-22:00 although busier lines start earlier in the evening and keep the restriction until the system closes at night. There are signs and a temporary barrier on each platform indicating where these carriages begin; a policeman is present to enforce the regulation.

Some of the larger stations have shopping facilities on the level of the ticket office. There are no washroom facilities at most stations.

Bicycles may only be taken on the metro from 07:00 to 00:00 on Sundays and official holidays. There is no extra charge. However, passengers with bicycles are requested to travel at the end of the carriage they are traveling in.

Lost Property

A lost property service is available (Oficina de Objetos Extraviados) at the Candelaria metro station, on the bridge above Metro Line No 4 (the light blue line). It may take one or two days for the objects to reach the lost property center. To contact this office, Tel: (55) 5542 5397 or (55) 5627 4643

Traveling with Pets

Pets are not allowed on the metro system unless they are in suitable carrying cages.