The Metrobús in Mexico City

Information about the Metrobús bus system in Mexico City; find out about the different public transport lines and how to buy tickets for the Metrobús network...

The Metrobús is a modern bus service that runs on five routes in Mexico City. The total length of the Metrobús network is 95 Km, with plans to extend it further to a total of 200 Km. The buses are low in emissions, and bus and station facilities are modern with good facilities for the disabled. All Metrobuses are red.

The service operates from 04:30 to 24:00 Monday to Saturday, and 05:00 to 24:00 on Sundays. Metrobuses, like all other forms of public transport in Mexico City, have few seats and can get very crowded during the rush hours.

Metrobús Routes

Similarly to the Metro, the Metrobús lines are known by their color as well as by the number of the line; each station also has its own symbol. Security is high, with police at all stations and sometimes present on the buses.

Buses stop at every station and each station stop is announced before arrival, to allow time for users to make their way to the door. Not all Metrobuses run the whole of the line. The destination of each Metrobús is visible on the front of each bus.

Several stations on each of the Metrobús lines have Customer Information Centers (Módulos de Atención al Cliente). Opening hours vary depending on the station.

Lines 1, 2, 3 and 5 run articulated double-length buses. These run in dedicated lanes. Line 4 has standard size buses that at times share the road with other road users.

Metrobús lines 1, 2, 3 and 5

The service on these lines is frequent and generally fast, although Metrobuses do have to stop at traffic lights at crossroads, which can delay journey times if traffic is heavy. There is a single price for each Metrobús journey. Entry through the automated ticket gates is by re-chargeable card only. The automated ticket gate displays the remaining balance on the card after it has been swiped to allow entry.

It is possible to change lines without extra cost as long as the second bus is boarded within two hours of entering the first station.

One section of each bus is reserved for women, children under 12, the elderly and people with disabilities at all times of the day. These sections are clearly marked inside the buses, and each Metrobús station has a separate entry point for these users.

Metrobús line 4

Line 4 of the Metrobús network runs from the airport on a circular route around the historical center of the city.

Travel to and from the airport is significantly more expensive than the normal single price ticket. Metrobús cards can be recharged for Line 4 at certain shops along the route.


Travel on the Metrobús is by re-chargeable card only; there are no paper tickets. Cards can be purchased for a small cost at all ticket machines at Metrobús stations. These machines have instructions in English, but do not give change. The balance on the card is displayed both before and after re-charging. Metro re-chargeable cards can be used on the Metrobús, but cards purchased at Metrobús ticket machines can only be used on Metrobús lines. On Line 1 there are two types of ticket machine. However, the facilities they offer are the same as those of the older, smaller machines.

Travel is free for people over 70, children under five accompanied by an adult, registered disabled people, and those with special authorization from Metrobús (normally those working for the company). Pets are not allowed unless carried in portable cages, and only folding bicycles that can be carried are permitted.

Facilities for People with Reduced Mobility

Facilities for people with disabilities are generally good on Metrobús routes and include:

  • Floors of buses at the same height as the platform of the Metrobús in most stations, facilitating wheelchair access
  • Special boarding gates for the disabled at stations, and assistance provided by staff
  • Ramps at stations
  • Elevators at stations for wheelchair users when required
  • Tactile paving and information panels in braille leading into the stations
  • Alarm announcing closing doors on the buses
  • Areas on buses for wheelchair users with accessible alarm button

Bicycles on the Metrobús

Bicycles may be taken on the Metrobús as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 04:30-06:30 and 22:00-00:00
  • Saturday: all day except between 12:00 and 17:00
  • Sunday: all day