Costs, Fees and Fines

Information on how much it really costs to live in Mexico City as well as standard fees and fines...

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Cost of Living

The following websites provide regularly updated information about cost of living, based on data provided by locals:


Fees for government services and fines are based on the prevailing minimum daily wage, which in 2016 is $69.95MN. They are widely announced in print and social media, as well as on government websites. The Government of Mexico City and the Ministry of Finance CDMX have made available a smartphone app called TesoreriaCDMX. The free app (in Spanish) allows users to pay property or payroll taxes, traffic fines, water bills, drivers licenses and more, up to $5000.

The following list provides information about common fees for 2016 (all websites are in Spanish):

Drivers Licenses and Vehicle Registration:

  • Class A license: $725.50
  • Minors’ permit: $372.50
  • Vehicle registration: $618.00
  • Registration of trailers: $1,090.20
  • Registration of motorcycles and scooters: $450.30

  • Deregistration (due to theft, total loss, or changing jurisdiction):
    Private vehicles: $374.60
    Trailers: $308.60
    Motorcycles and scooters: $308.60

  • Change of ownership or address:
    Private vehicles: $274.80
    Trailers: $180.00
    Motorcycles and scooters: $180.00

  • Replacement or renewal of tarjeta de circulación:
    Private vehicles: $274.80
    Trailers: $180.00
    Motorcycles and scooters: $180.00

  • Replacement plates or rubberized stickers:
    Private vehicles (plates): $274.00
    Private vehicles (stickers): $188.10
    Trailers: $299.50
    Motorcycles and scooters: $145.70

  • Permission to drive without tarjeta de circulación for 30 or 60 days:
    Private vehicles (30 days): $188.10
    Private vehicles (60 days): $374.60
    Trailers (60 days): $373.60
    Motorcycles and scooters (30 days): $188.10

Public transportation:

  • Microbus: $4.00 for the first 5km, $4.50 between 5-12km, $5.50 thereafter
  • Metrobus: $6.00; $30 for service on Line 4 originating from the airport STE services, $4.00 on zero emissions routes; $3.00
  • Light Train: $2.00
  • Trolebús Buses: $5.00 for the first 5km, $6.00 thereafter
  • Nochebus: $7.00 RTP, $2.00 on regular bus, $2.00 on Atenea, $4.00 on Express Bus, $5.00 on Ecobus
  • Metro: $5.00


  • Taxi Libre: meter starts at $8.74, increases $1.07 per 250m or 45 seconds with a 20% premium added to the starting rate between 23:00-06:00
  • Taxi Sitio: meter starts at $13.10 increases $1.30 per 250m or 45 seconds with a 20% premium added to the starting rate between 23:00 - 06:00
  • Taxi Radio: meters starts at $27.30, increases $1.85 per 250m or 45 seconds with a 20% premium added to the starting rate between 23:00 - 06:00

Civil certificates and processes:

  • Certified copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates: $62.30
  • Celebration of marriage in a civil office: $1050.00
  • Constancia de inexistencia de registro for birth, marriage or death: $62.30
  • Registration of civil status of Mexicans abroad: $1,053.20
  • Administrative divorce: $1,050.00
  • Registry search for civil records, irrespective of outcome: $62.30
  • Registration of home birth: $325.60
  • Registration of birth outside of jurisdiction: $4,668.60
  • Celebration of marriage in the home: $2,109.00 Out of jurisdiction marriage license: $6,452.00
  • Name change after marriage: $2,109.00
  • Reissue of birth certificate for reason of gender reassignment: $208.90
  • Registration of adoption, guardianship, presumption of death, and other registrations: $208.90

Immigration fees:

  • Temporary Residency Visa: 1 year - $3,596.00; 2 years - $5,389.00; 3 years - $6,825.00; 4 years -$8,089.00
  • Permanent Residency Visa: $4,383.00
  • Regularization Fee (not including fines): $1,124.00
  • To change from temporary to permanent resident: $1,149.00
  • To change status of dependents from visitor to temporary resident: $1,149.00
  • To change from non-working to working temporary resident: $2,700.00
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged document replacement fee: $1,107.00, Travel letter: $368.00


The following list provides information about common fines for 2016 (all websites in Spanish):

Vehicular Fines and Offenses:

  • Failure to have a vehicle inspection: $1,290.00 plus $790.00 fee for the required inspection
  • Using cellphone or other communication device while driving: up to $2449.00
  • Driving without a license: up to $1398.00 and confiscation of auto
  • Excessive use of horns or loud engines: $699.00
  • Speeding, or failure to reduce speed in school zones: $1398.00
  • U-turns when not explicitly allowed: $1398.00
  • Driving in an area reserved for pedestrians or cyclists: $2097.00
  • Parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities: $2097.00
  • Driving motorcycles with unseated passengers: $1398.00
  • Driving motorcycles in bikelanes
  • Failure to use seatbelts (including in the back seat): $700.00
  • Driving with expired plates: $2,500.00 plus the cost of renewing the plates
  • Causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol: $18,000.00 and 3-9 years in jail
  • Driving while intoxicated (determined by a breathalyzer test): $3,500.00 fine or imprisonment
  • Playing the radio in excess of 50 decibels: $1,500.00
  • Hoy No Circula (website in Spanish). Penalty for driving during restricted times – a fine of 24 days minimum wage
  • Verification of Vehicles (website in Spanish): $472.00. Failure to verify a vehicle on schedule – a fine of 20 days minimum wage, payable within 30 days.  Failure to pay fines within 30 days results in an additional fine of 40 days minimum wage, payable within 30 days. Failure to pay this fine results in additional fines of 80 days minimum wage every 30 days.


Parking Fines:

  • Fines of $337.50 are levied for the following infractions:
    Failure to clearly display the proof of payment
    Over-staying at the meter
    Incorrect date on the proof of payment
    Mismatch between the license plate number on the car and on the proof of payment
    Parking outside the lines
  • To have a boot or immobilizer removed: $201.50. After 2 hours cars are towed, and additional fines applied 

Attractions and Sightseeing

Xochimilco (website in Spanish)

A World Heritage Site since 1987, Xochimilco offers a taste of what Mexico City was like at the time of the Aztecs. Fees for activities at Xochimilco are regulated by the Xochimilco Department of Tourism; the rates for 2014 currently appear on the government website and have been officially extended into 2015.