Import Requirements and Documentation

Find out the requirements for bringing a pet into and taking a pet out of Mexico...

To bring a pet into Mexico, a Health Certificate (Certificado de Salud) is required, both the original and a copy. The certificate must have been issued either by an officially recognized veterinarian or a private veterinarian from the country of origin and must contain the veterinarian license number.

The certificate must state the following:

  • Pet owner's name and address
  • That the animal has been immunized against rabies (except animals less than three months old)
  • That the animal has been checked and there are no signs of diseas
  • Find full details of the requirements as stipulated by SENASICA

For pets coming from countries other than the Unites States and Canada, the certificate must also state that the animal has been treated for parasites within the last six months.

Procedure on Arrival

On arrival in Mexico, the pet and all documents are checked at customs by a SENASICA official.

If health requirements are not met, the pet is detained until is has been examined by a veterinarian and all costs are covered by the owner.

If a pet owner arrives without the required documentation it is possible to arrange for a veterinarian to come and perform a medical examination of the animal and provide a health certificate as well as any necessary treatment and vaccinations.

Other Pet Species

Any pet that is not a cat or a dog may have to meet special requirements and additional charges may be incurred.

Leaving Mexico with a Pet

All vaccinations and documentation depend on which country the pet is traveling to. SENASICA can be contacted for information regarding the export of animals.

The Animal Health Certificate for Export is valid for 30 days and is free of charge for three animals or less. It can be obtained at international airports in Mexico or from the following address in Mexico City.

  • At: Av. Cuauhtémoc 1230, Col. Santa Cruz Atoyac, Del. Benito Juárez, C.P. 03310, Mexico City
    Open: 09:00-14:00