Permanent Residence Visa

Find out about the permanent residence visa, who is eligible to apply for one and when…

This visa is only obtained after holding a temporary visa for four years consecutively, or in certain other specific cases. Time spent in Mexico as a student or working for a humanitarian organization does not count towards these four years.

Application should be made at the time of renewal for the temporary visa for the fourth year. It is recommended not to leave the country while this procedure is ongoing.

Permanent residence can also be applied for by spouses of Mexican nationals who have been married for more than two years (civil partnerships are not recognized for these purposes).

It is advisable to apply for permanent residence at a Mexican embassy or consulate abroad if the applicant is eligible for permanent residence. In case of doubt, the advice of the Mexican consul at the embassy/consulate should be sought.

The only reasons a permanent resident visa needs to be renewed are:

  • Change of marital situation
  • Change of address
  • Change of employment

Any such change must be notified to the authorities in writing. The process is to go to the immigration office with the letter and any supporting documentation (for example marriage/divorce certificate, employer´s letter, or comprobante de domicilio showing the new address). There is no cost, and the type of visa – and therefore the residence card already issued – will not need to be changed.

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