Driving Licenses

Do you hold a driving license issued outside Mexico? Is it legal for you to drive on Mexican roads with your current license? Find out here, and find out how to exchange your foreign license if you need to...

Anyone driving any type of motor vehicle in Mexico must have a valid driving license (licencia de conducir). The minimum age to drive a car in Mexico is 18 years old. The licencia de conducir tipo A is the standard driving license issued for non-commercial vehicles such as cars, vans, scooters and mopeds as well as vans and lorries that do not exceed twelve seats or 3.5 tons

A driving license must be carried in the vehicle at all times when driving. License holders may only drive the category of vehicle for which their license is valid.


A Mexican driving license can be obtained by citizens and legal residents of Mexico over the age of 18. This includes holders of both temporary and permanent resident visas (equivalent to the former FM3 and FM2 visas). Holders of tourist or FMM visas may not apply for a Mexican driving license, but may drive on valid licenses from other countries. 

Policy on requirements for driving licenses and compulsory driving tests varies throughout the states of Mexico, so it is advisable to check with government websites for each state.

Some states, including Mexico City require completion of theory and practical driving tests – in Mexico City, this requirement will be implemented in 2016. Where examinations are compulsory, it is possible in some instances to bypass these by presenting a valid driving license from the country of origin. In the instances where this is not possible, the tests are often much shorter and less rigorous than in most other countries.

Other requirements, depending on the state of residence, may include a health certificate, a Clave Única del Registro de Población - CURP (National Identification Number) or proof of blood type.