Local Animal Organisations in Amsterdam

Contact information for the animal refuges, animal protection organisations in North Holland, including Amsterdam, Utrecht, Flevoland and Gelderland...

For a comprehensive list of regional refuges in the Netherlands: Click here (in Dutch)

Animal Associations

Dierenbescherming is the Dutch society for the protection of animals. It works to protect and re-home animals. Dierenbesherming does not receive state funding and relies on donations from the public.

There are local Direnbescherming branches across Noord-Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland and Gelderland.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is an international agency that aims to end animal cruelty. The Netherlands branch is located in Den Haag.

  • WSPA
    : Louis Couperusplein 2, 2514 HP Den Haag
    Tel: 070 314 2800

Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) is a Dutch political party that campaigns to raise awareness of animal welfare and environmental issues.

  • Partij voor de Dieren (in Dutch with a section in English)
    : Postbus 17662, 1001 JM Amsterdam
    Tel: 020 520 3870

Dutch Animal Refuges and Rescue Centres (Asiel)

There are many animal refuges across the Netherlands that shelter abandoned and unwanted cats, dogs and other animals. As well as adopting domestic animals, many also provide kennel or cattery (pension) facilities.

De Poezenboot is a shelter for stray and abandoned cats, situated on a boat in Amsterdam.

  • De Poezenboot
    : Singel 38 G, 1015 AB Amsterdam
    Tel: 020 625 8794
    Open: daily 13:00-15:00 except Wednesdays and Sundays

Created in 2007, Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam is the largest dog and cat shelter in the Netherlands.

  • Dierenopvangcentrum
    : Ookmeerweg 271, 1067 SP Amsterdam
    Tel: 0900 200 7207
    Open: Monday to Saturday 10:00-16:00 (shelter)

To find contact information and websites of other shelters in the Netherlands: Click here and select a province from the map.