Out and About with Pets

A dog owner should abide by the rules to make sure their dog doesn't upset people

Dogs are allowed on beaches except during the summer months, and there are some beaches that allow animals on leads then or in the early morning or late evening.

All mess should be cleared up in accordance with the law and the owner is responsible for the dog while it is on the beach. There are signs indicating how the dog should behave and whether it should be on a lead or not.

Pets on Public Transport

Guide dogs for the visually impaired can travel free of charge on all public transport.

Restrictions apply when taking a guide dog or assistance dog on long distance trains. A dog may be taken in a sleeper coach if an entire compartment is booked.

  • Further information from the NS

Dog Fouling

The Dutch have fines in place for those who do not clear up after their dogs. Anyone walking a dog must be carrying a suitable item with which to 'scoop the poop', failure to produce this will result in a fine. This may include:

  • Paper bag
  • Plastic bag
  • scoop

Anyone caught not clearing their dog's mess will receive a fine. Bags and equipment with which to clear up after a pet are available from pet shops, vets and municipal offices.