The School Year

The annual Dutch school programme is similar to that of most European countries...

The school year normally runs from September to July. Pupils will move up to the next level only if they have made sufficient progress and reached a certain level. Failing that they will be asked to repeat a year. Each school determines its own criteria for moving on and follows a system of continuous assessment in all subjects.

School term dates can vary slightly by region. This is most noticeable during the main summer break. It is also common for secondary pupils to have slightly shorter holidays at this time.

Generally the summer holidays start at the end of June or early July and run until late August/early September. Aside from the various public holidays throughout the year, there are further breaks in October (1 week), Christmas (2 weeks), Spring/February (1 week), and Easter/April (1 week).

Please note, not all international schools will follow this same pattern.

The school day can vary as individual establishments have a degree of freedom. Typically it starts at 08:30. There is a short lunch break around midday and school can finish from 14:30 onwards depending on the school. Older children are usually in school until at least 15:00.

Uniforms are rarely worn.