Support Groups and Helplines in Amsterdam

Drug problems, HIV/AIDS, cancer support and victim support - your helplines and support groups in Amsterdam...

Drug Abuse

The Netherlands branch of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provides help and support to drug addicts. There are regular meetings in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Haarlem, Utrecht and other Dutch cities. The group also provides a confidential helpline.

Jellinek is an Amsterdam-based centre for the treatment and prevention of drug addiction. There is information about the 1976 Narcotics Act and advice in English on the website.


    : Keizersgracht 390, 1016 GB Amsterdam
    Tel: 020 528 7828

Local health authorities

Municipal health authorities (GGD) in the Netherlands can provide health-related information and advice. Most GGD will provide testing for free for both HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Cancer Support

Cancer Care in the Netherlands is usually handled by one of nine comprehensive cancer centres (CCCs). They are there to provide patient care as well as help relatives and further research.

Each CCC has a catchment area of between five and twenty hospitals. The Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (ACCC) co-ordinates these and provides information for patients and carers.

  • Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (ACCC)
    : Trindeborch building, 5th floor, Catharijnesingel 53, Utrecht
    Tel: 030 234 3780 
    Fax: 030 234 36 32

Family Planning and Sexual Health

There is a telephone support line for victims of sexual abuse:

  • Tel: 020 611 6022 (Amsterdam area)
    Open: weekdays 09:00-23:00, weekends 15:00-23:00

The Rutgers Nisso Group is a national group dedicated to promoting sexual and reproductive health. It publishes booklets and trains healthcare professionals who help with family planning and counselling victims of sexual harassment and violence.

Women's Support Groups

There is an Amsterdam crisis centre for battered wives (mishandelde/bedreigde vrouwen).

Eating Disorders

  • Overeaters Anonymous
    At: Jellinek House, Jacob Obrechtstr 92, 1071 KR Amsterdam
    : 020 627 4820