How to find a doctor in Amsterdam

An easy solution to finding the right doctor

One of the most tiring things to do when yofeel ill in Amsterdam is trying to find an English speaking doctor. If you are looking for greatexperienced doctors that speaks English, one of the top-rated sites to get consultationfrom is Mobidoctor. 

An amazing feature is that the doctors' prescriptions are valid in the EU, EEA, and the UK.

Finding a doctor that speaks English in Amsterdam has never been easier than with Mobidoctor. With just a few clicks, you can now get a consultation with top-rated doctors at fairly low rates!

How can Mobidoctor help you?

- Mobidoctor enables easy access to top-rated English speaking doctors Amsterdam

- You could get a consultation within minutes as it only takes 60 seconds to finish the Sign-Up process. Right after your consultation, you get a  prescription which you can use to get your prescribed medication. 

-Available 365 days a year from 8 am to 9 pm 

- You could get a consultation from anywhere with the expat doctor in Amsterdam

- In Amsterdam, the average consultation charge is €60, and Mobidoctor has consultation charges of only €24. 

- All the services Mobidoctor provides are easily accessible to you via a Mobile, a Laptop, or a Tablet. 

Waiting in a queue for an appointment is a tiring process. On the other hand, the Mobidoctor online consultation, with economical chargesis at your fingertips and available within a couple of minutes.