Working with Property Agents

Information about the realtors, or property agents, who manage the transaction on behalf of buyers and sellers...

Estate Agents (makelaars) are generally involved in both the sale and purchase and can be engaged by a purchaser or a vendor for a fee. They have a trade association - The Dutch Association of Estate Agents (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Makelaars - NVM).

With over 3,600 members, a Code of ethics (including disciplinary procedures) and compulsory training for members, the NVM is a recognised and respected body. They can provide information on registered agents in a specified area. All their agents also have access to funda, the most popular residential property site in the Netherlands. An agent registered with the NVM offers more protection should there be any complaint or problem at a later date.

Many individual agents also have websites where prospective buyers or sellers can give their details and initiate property searches or valuations.

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