Leases and Rental Agreements

Understand what to expect from the tenancy agreement when renting property in the Netherlands...

Standard leases will be in Dutch. A lease can in theory be for any length of time, although it is common in the Netherlands for it to be for an indefinite period. If the notice period is not stipulated, it is automatically one month.

A typical lease will refer to the following:

  • Duration of lease
  • Whether the accommodation is furnished/unfurnished
  • Whether parking is included
  • Whether utilities are included
  • Whether there are any service charges (cleaning of communal areas)
  • Notice period
  • Obligations with regard to wear and tear

The lease should protect the tenant as well as the landlord, with additional clauses to be inserted if necessary. For example an inventory including details of electrical appliances and whether they are in working order, requirements for fire alarms/smoke detectors.