Sailing and Boating in Amsterdam

Find out about the local sailing events and associations available when living in Amsterdam and North Holland...

Sailing Events in Amsterdam

SAIL Amsterdam is one of the largest maritime events in the world. For four-day days every five years, tall ships and historical vessels moor at the eastern IJ harbour in Amsterdam. The event also includes small sailboat races, concerts by sailor choirs and re-enactments of naval battles.

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Sailing Clubs and Watersports Centres

The RYC Hollandia is Holland’s Royal Yacht Club, which organises regattas and events across the Netherlands.

North Holland

  • ARZV (Alkmaarsche Roei-en ZeilVereeniging): Rowing, sailing and motor boating club in Alkmaar and Akersloot
  • Catamaran Club 7.2: Small active sailing association with annual social and sports events and competitions in Hargen aan Zee
  • Haarlemsche Jactclub: Haarlem yacht club
  • Koninklijke Watersport-Vereenging ‘Loosdrecht’: Royal watersports and sailing society organising youth sailing, classes and competitions
  • RZV Naarden: Association practicing and promoting sailing, rowing and motor boating in Naarden
  • Sint Maartengroep Amsterdam: Sailing club for 7 to 25 year olds near Amsterdamse Bos
  • WSV Het Witte Huis (HWH): One of the largest sailing associations in the Netherlands organising youth training, major events and HWH sailing competitions
  • WSV Schiphol: Schipol sailing association
  • WSV de Spiegel: Sailing competitions and instruction, rowing and watersports club in Nederhorst den Berg
  • WV Aalsmeer: Aalsmeer water sports club
  • WV Almere: Water sports club in Almere
  • WV Amsterdam: Amsterdam sailing and boating club near Amsterdamse bos
  • WV Monnickendam: Sailing club that organises events, competitions and youth training
  • WvOH (Watersportvereniging het Oosterlijk Havengebied): Watersports centre in the Oosterlijk Havengebied
  • Zeilvereeninging De Ondelinge: Sailing and motorboating organisation
  • ZV De Roerkoning: Sailing association organising lessons and competitions
  • ZVG (Zeilvereniging Gaasperplas): Recreational water sports club welcoming members of all ages in Amsterdam Zuidoost
  • ZWVU: Sailing and watersports association at the Zwaansmeerpolder Marina in Uitgeest

Utrecht, Flevoland and Gelderland

  • BVK (WSV De Blocq van Kuffeler): Almere yachting club organising trips and tours, youth sailing, meetings and seasonal activities
  • WV Bovenwater: Lelystad watersports association
  • WSV de Eendract: Sailing and watersports association based at Jachthaven de Nieuwe Haven
  • WSV De Nieuwe Schans: Gelderland sailing centre and club at Alphen aan de Maas
  • WSV Flevomare: Watersports association for all ages based at Marina Muiderzand
  • WSV Giesbeek: Watersports centre arranging surfing, sailing, motor boating and social activities
  • WSV VADA: Marina, canoeing, rowing and sailing activities in Wageningen
  • WV De Zuiderzee: Urk based watersports association
  • WV Flevo: Watersports centre at Harderwijk in Flevoland
  • WV Zeewolde: Flevoland sailing and watersports association
  • Zeilverenging Daan Fok: Secondary school sailing club with weekend sailing events in Amersfoort