Buses in the Netherlands

Details and contact information on the national bus transport system...

Holland has four types of bus service for travel throughout the country.

  • City bus: serves large towns
  • Regional bus: covers main cities and their nearby towns
  • Express Service: runs in and around the main cities with fewer stops than a regional bus
  • Interliner: long distance connection between selected towns (makes very few stops)

Buses and trams run generally from 06:00-00:00 although on Sundays and public holidays, transport services may start a little later.

An online journey planner covering bus and train travel are available from 9292.

Tickets and the OV-Chipkaart

The OV-chipkaart or "public transport chip card" is used on public transport across the Netherlands. It is a personal, rechargeable smartcard which can be used to pay for multiple trips on various types of transport. A disposable OV-chipkaart is available for occasional travel. This can either be loaded with a set amount or a travel product, or a card can be bought for a single trip, short-term use or use on specific transport. To use the card, hold it up to the card reader at the entry and exit barriers of transport: the price of a trip is automatically deducted.

The OV-chipkaart website is comprehensive and explains how to use it - whether for regular or occasional travel.