Bikes and Cycling in Amsterdam

Information about getting around the city by bicycle, including details of local events and what to do in the case of theft...

Cycling is extremely popular in Amsterdam and most residents own a bicycle. The city is bicycle-friendly and there are many bike paths and organised cycling tours for visitors.

Bike rental companies can be found throughout the city and cycle hire is available at the train station.

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Anti-theft Prevention

Bicycle theft is a problem in Amsterdam.

There are supervised lock-up facilities around the city to protect bicycles. Many of these also sell and repair bikes and have chargers for electric bicycles and scooters.

Cyclists are encouraged to register for free or engrave their bikes to help identify them.

If a registered bike goes missing, the owner should call AFAC (Amsterdamse Fiets Afhandel Centrale) for assistance locating it. To report a stolen bike, contact the police. To reclaim a bike, the owner will require proof of identification.

  • AFAC (in Dutch)
    Tel: 020 334 4522
  • Police
    : 0900 8844

Special Cycling Events

The RAI Derny Race is held annually at the RAI complex in Amsterdam-Zuid. The event usually takes place mid-March.

A bicycle fair promoting the latest developments in cycling technology and accessories takes place biennially at RAI Amsterdam.

  • RAI Amsterdam (in Dutch)
    At: Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam
    Tel: 020 549 1212

Amsterdam’s velodrome hosts a variety of cycling and non-cycling events through the year.

Further Information

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