Using a Dutch Bank Account

Information on the banking services available in the Netherlands...

Most banks offer similar services and a variety of different bank accounts.

The most common account types are:

  • Savings accounts (spaarrakening)
  • Current accounts (betaalrekening)

Debit cards are available with both types. These can be used to withdraw money from ATM cash machines and to pay for goods and services in shops. Cheques are not widely used in the Netherlands and credit/debit cards are not accepted everywhere.

ATM machines (geldautomaten / pinautomaten) are widespread and a card from one bank can be used in another bank's ATM.

Paying bills

Household bills and invoices can be paid by money transfers, which can be made via telephone or the Internet.

Bills can also be paid by direct debit instruction (acceptgirokaart often shortened to acceptgiro). In order to do this, the company sends a bill with an acceptgiro, which the person signs and sends to the bank. It is necessary to fill in a payment slip with the account number and name and the account number and name of the company.

Utility bills, rent and other monthly bills can be paid by automatic direct debit (automatische overschrijving). A bank instruction (machtiginskaart) must be filled out by the account holder, stating that a company can take money from the account every month.


Dutch debit cards have a microchip enabling the use of the Chipper (or Chipknip) system to pay for small cash transactions. Some ATMs have a chip loader next to them. This allows a person to credit the card with a certain amount from their account and the card can then be used for small transactions, for example in the newsagents or at parking meters, without having to enter the PIN number. The disadvantage is that if the card is lost or stolen it can be used by anyone until the credit is spent.

Opening Hours

Most banks in the Netherlands are open from Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00. It is common for banks to close on Monday mornings or to open from 10:00 onwards. Some banks are also open on Saturday mornings.


E-banking via computer, telephone or mobile phone allows for banking and stock market transactions to be performed online. The commercial banks in the Netherlands offer Internet banking services.

Lost/Stolen Cards

  • To block an ING account
    Tel: 058 212 6000
  • To block a card from any bank account other than an ING account
    Tel: 0800 0313

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