Dutch Administrative Offices

Contact information for the national administrative centres of Holland, including where to go for residency papers, vehicle registration papers, driving licences and more...

The provinces of the Netherlands are divided into municipalities known as gemeenten. The Gemeente is the name given to the administrative body of the local municipality. Each Gemeente also has sub municipal offices that carry out administrative activities.

Immigration Offices

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) provides assistance with:

  • Applications for temporary residence permits
  • Residence documents collection
  • Residence stickers collection
  • Information about residence in the Netherlands
  • To make an appointment to visit an IND desk:
    Tel: 0900 123 4561 (€0.10 per minute)
    Tel from abroad + 31 20 889 30 45

There are many regional IND branches in the Netherlands.

Social Security

The Dutch social security system is well regarded by the people of the Netherlands and is based on the principle of providing all residents with equal opportunity.

Those who are moving to work in the Netherlands will be covered by the Dutch social security system once work commences and will obtain the rights to receive further assistance from the system as time goes by.

All residents (or those residing in the Netherlands) will require a Citizen Service Number, known as a Burger Servicenummer (BSN).  This number will be registered with the local municipal authority.  To apply for a BSN visit the local municipality and they will issue one.

  • For more information on Dutch Social Security from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB): Click here

30 percent tax ruling

Foreigners in the Netherlands may apply through their employer for a tax free allowance of 30 percent of their income.  The application must be made by both the employer and employee and is available for a maximum of 120 months.


There are eleven ministries in the Dutch government, and they oversee the various branches of the Dutch administration.