Residency in the Netherlands for EU Nationals

Are you a citizen of a European Union country? Find out which regulations apply to your move...

Citizens of the European Union may lawfully reside in the Netherlands providing:

  • They have a valid passport or other valid travel document
  • They have sufficient financial means
  • They have health insurance coverage in the Netherlands

EU/EEA citizens (other than new EU-member countries) do not require a visa to enter the Netherlands, regardless of the planned duration of their stay and may enter the country on a valid passport alone. If they intend to stay for more than 4 months they must register at the local BRP office within 3-5 days of arrival. If the intended stay is for less than 4 months there is no requirement to register unless a BSN (Social Security number) is needed.

As of 6 January 2014, EU/EEA and Swiss nationals residing and working in the Netherlands do not longer need a registration ticket in their passport. If a potential employer is unaware of the rule, the IND publishes a printable letter explaining the change (PDF in Dutch).

Non-EU family members of EU nationals

Non-EU family members of EU nationals intending to stay in the Netherlands for more than three months may need a visa to enter the Netherlands. Once in the Netherlands they must register with the BRP. (registration will not be completed until after the application for a residence permit has been approved). After three months they must submit an "Application for Verification Against Community Law" to the IND. Contact the IND for further information.