How to Find a Doctor in South Holland

An easy solution to finding the right Doctor...

There are three types of public and Private hospitals in South Holland (Netherlands): university hospitals, medical centres, and teaching hospitals. The majority of them are privately owned and operated. Patients will be asked to register before seeking medication, or a routine check-up, or going to a hospital to see a Doctor. The hospital will provide a Medical Identity card, which you must carry back with you on all appointments. The general health insurance plan will cover hospitalization. Still, you will have to pay an excess charge depending on the procedure. 

The dominant language of South Holland is Dutch, which is spoken by about 95% of the population. As a result, locating an English doctor can be difficult.

We have the solution to this problem: 

Mobidoctor is a website that accommodates you to English speaking doctors who provide consultation right away. 

Without you booking an appointment and waiting for your turn, Mobidoctor will provide consultations quickly.

So, how is Mobidoctor better than your local consultants? Here are the benefits you get by choosing Mobidoctor:

  • It is an easy access website that is designed to save time. It takes only 60 seconds to Sign Up and only a few more to get you a Doctor.
  • Mobidoctor cuts down the time-consuming process of making appointments and finding an English-speaking doctor.
  • It is easily accessible and user-friendly. It only needs a device that can be a mobile, a tablet, or a laptop. You could get a consultation at any place and at any time.
  • Mobidoctor is available for you 365 days of a year from 8 am - 9 pm. 
  • After the consultation, you will be given a prescription that you will be able to use to purchase medicine at any local pharmacy.

While the average charges for consultation in the Netherlands are €60, which could get costlier during weekends, Mobidoctor charges you only €24.

Thus, Mobidoctor is where you should look whenever you need a consultation. 

It is reliable, trustworthy, and timesaving and comes in handy when you need it most.