Support Groups in South Holland

Abuse, victim support, cancer support, information about family planning - helplines, support groups and newcomer contacts in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and the rest of South Holland...

Below you will find information on the various support organisations and helplines in the provinces of South Holland, including:

Drug Abuse

  • Drugs Advice Clinic
    At: The Hague Parnassia
    Tel: 070 391 7800
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse helplines
    Tel: 070 391 7800 (The Hague)
    Tel: 010 272 3300 (Rotterdam)

Cancer Support

Cancer Care in the Netherlands is usually handled by one of eight comprehensive cancer centres (CCCs). They are there to provide patient care, as well as help relatives and further research. Each CCC has a catchment area of between five and twenty hospitals. The Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland, IKNL) co-ordinates these.

Cancerlink is an English-language cancer support network in Holland. is a platform for cancer patients, survivors and their friends and family established as a joint project by the three largest cancer organizations in the Netherlands - KWF, IKNL and NFK. The website offers a wealth of information (in Dutch) and discussion groups. You can also find other people in your situation to talk with who are located nearby by narrowing the search area down to 'Zuid-Holland'.


    Support for carers

    Vrijwilligers Palliatieve Terminale Zorg (VPTZ) is a national volunteer organisation, based in Amersfoort, which offers care for the terminally ill, usually within the last 3-6 months of life.

    • For VPTZ's lising of over 200 local organisations providing support: Click here

      Victim Support

      The national Victim Support organisation (Slachtofferhulp Nederland) has a website, as well as 75 regional offices throughout the Netherlands. The organisation provides legal advice and practical support to victims of attack, break-ins, burglaries and muggings, domestic and sexual violence, traffic accidents and stalking.

      Regional offices can be contacted by email via their website, by using the local tariff number above or by visiting a local office.

      Addresses for South Holland:

      • The Hague
        : Mr P. Drooglever Fortuynweg, 2533 SP Den Haag
      • Zeeland
        At: Chasséveld 3a, 4811 DH Breda

      Sexual Abuse

      There is a telephone support line for victims of sexual abuse:

      • Tel: 070 362 0496 (The Hague)
        Tel: 0900 899 8411 (other areas)
        Open: weekdays 09:00-23:00, weekends 15:00-23:00

      Family Planning

      Rutgers WPF is a national group dedicated to promoting sexual and reproductive health. It publishes booklets and trains healthcare professionals who help with family planning and counselling victims of sexual harassment and violence.

      • Rutgers WPF
        At: Oudenoord 176-178, 3515 EV Utrecht
        Tel: 030 231 3431

      There are also local centres for birth control and sexuality known as Rutgershuizen, which can offer advice on medical issues, including abortion and the morning after pill.

      • The Hague
        Preterm RutgersHuis
        : Haringkade 163, 2584 ED Den Haag
        Tel: 070 363 0963
      • Utrecht
        CASA Utrecht
        At: Catharijnesingel 30, 3511 GB Utrecht

      Mental Health

      GGZ is the national organization which handles support for mental health issues

      The ACCESS Counselling Service Network offers English-language support for expats and the international community in Holland across a full range of issues including depression, stress, family matters, social isolation and dealing with cultural challenges.