Buying Property in the Netherlands

What to expect from the property purchase process in the Netherlands...

Home ownership among the Dutch was relatively unusual until the 1960s when increasing numbers of people sought to buy or build their own homes. The government continues to encourage home ownership. Freedom of choice and individual homes are now encouraged, which contrasts with previous policies of building mass produced housing with little character.

The Netherlands is a small but densely populated country. This has historically led to situations, particularly around the major cities, where property demand will exceed supply and create inflated property prices, putting many out of the reach of most potential buyers. The 2008-2009 economic recession impacted the situation, greatly reducing the occurrence of such inflated property prices. This economic recession more or less ended in 2014 and the market is restoring.

As a general rule (unless buying for investment purposes) most sources advise against buying property if staying for less than three years. The costs involved in purchasing a property in the Netherlands (and the relatively slow growth in prices at this time) are such that it would be unlikely to prove cost effective.

This section aims to give an overview of the processes involved in buying a property, but it cannot deal with every circumstance. Therefore professional advice should be sought with regard to personal situations.

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