English Language Media in South Holland

English language media available in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden...

There are a limited number of options for those seeking English-speaking radio channels, or print publications, when living in South Holland but there are several online news sources to choose from.

Online News in English

  • DutchNews - Holland news website in English reporting on key stories from The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and surrounding cities
  • NLTimes – English-language site with short recaps of the day’s top news stories in Holland
  • DutchDailyNews – English-language news site in Holland with emphasis on business news stories and the Dutch economy
  • TheHague.nl - The Hague municipal website in English with local news relevant to international residents
  • The Hague Online - English-language website with news stories of importance to local expats in The Hague area
  • Government.nl - the Dutch government English-language website with updates and press releases from all ministries 
  • Rotterdam Partners - English-language business news stories relating to the city of Rotterdam
  • Port of Rotterdam - News stories from the Port of Rotterdam in English
  • Erasmus University - News stories in English from Rotterdam's top university
  • Leiden University - News stories in English from Leiden University
  • TU Delta - News stories in English or Dutch relevant to students/staff of TU Delft and/or the surrounding community in Delft
  • Leiden-Delft-Erasmus - A joint initiative between the three South Holland schools reporting relevant news stories in English
  • The Guardian - News stories from the Netherlands reported by the British news company


Local radio in the Netherlands is mostly in Dutch.

  • DutchbuzZ - English-language radio programme with local news, features, events and interviews covering The Hague area. Broadcast on Den Haag FM 92.0 (Tuesdays 19:00-21:00), with podcast available on website.
  • Available FM stations - While the broadcast may be in Dutch, most of the music played on radio stations in Holland are in English.


  • The Local Expat is a monthly bi-monthly newspaper for the local international expat community of The Hague. It features city news, general interest stories and advertorials. A free copy of the paper can be picked up at various distribution points including The Hague International Centre in City Hall.
  • The Holland Times is a free newspaper/magazine for expats throughout Holland. It is also available at various distribution points including international schools and The Hague International Centre.


  • ACCESS Magazine is printed quarterly:  Spring = March, Summer = June, Autumn = September, Winter = December. Each edition contains feature articles with relevance to the expat community in The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and the rest of the Netherlands. A free copy can be picked up at The Hague International Centre, Expat Center Leiden and most international schools. You can also read the magazine online or download a copy in PDF format. 
  • Feel at Home in The Hague is an English-language magazine put out twice a year with stories and features about organizations and activities relevant to expats in The Hague area. It is produced by TheHagueOnline which organizes a once-a-year fair under the same name. 
  • Xpat Journal is a quarterly magazine with featured articles relating to expat life in the Netherlands. The magazine is available at select bookshops as well as expat centers including The Hague International Center.
  • Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Magazine Online is published every 6 months and is a joint initiative between the three South Holland schools (Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam).  


Angloinfo South Holland Blogs offer personal insight from an expat perspective, as well as covering news stories relevant to the international community in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and surrounding region in the Netherlands. These include:

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