Markets in South Holland

Find out which days of the week local markets are held in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden, Gouda and the rest of Zuid-Holland...

Most towns and villages throughout South Holland have their own weekly general market, selling bread, baked goods, produce, fresh fish, flowers and general commodity items like clothing and jewelry. In larger cities, like The Hague and Rotterdam, multiple weekly markets (markten) are usually held in various districts. Specialty markets, like antiques and book markets, are popular during tourist season (April to October) but some do run year round in a condensed version during winter months.

Below is a selection of markets by city in the South Holland region listing day of the week, operating times, street location and type of market...

DelftThursday09:00-17:00Markt (City Center)produce/general market
DelftThursday09:00-17:00Brabantse Turfmarkt (City Center)flower market
DelftSaturday09:00-17:00Brabantse Turfmarkt (City Center)produce/general market
GoudaThursday (Apr-Aug)10:00-13:00Markt (City Center)cheese market
GoudaSaturday08:30-17:00Markt (City Center)produce/general market
LeidenWednesday, Saturday08:00-17:00Botermarkt, Vismarkt, Aalmarkt, Nieuwe Rijn (City Center)produce/general market
LeidenWednesday08:00-17:00Aalmarkt (City Center)organic market
RijswijkThursday09:00-17:00Bogaardplein (In de Bogaard shopping mall parking lot)produce/general market
RisjwijkWednesday (May-Sept)09:00-16:00Around the Oude Kerk (Old Town Center)antiques market
RotterdamDaily10:00-20:00Markthal (Blaak)produce market

RotterdamTuesday, Saturday08:00-17:30Binnenrotte (City Center)
produce/general market
RotterdamTuesday09:00-17:30Eendrachstsplein (City Center)organic market
RotterdamWednesday, Saturday08:00-17:30Afrikaanderplein (Charloise)multicultural market
RotterdamThursday, Saturday08:00-17:00Visserijplein (Delfshaven)multicultural market
RotterdamFriday08:00-17:30Peppelweg (Schiebroek)produce/general market
RotterdamFriday08:00-17:30Het Lage Land (Alexanderpolder)produce/general market
The HagueMonday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday09:00-17:00Herman Costerstraat (Transvaalkwartier)produce/general market
The HagueThursday, Sunday (May-Sept)10:00-18:00Lange Voorhout (City Center)antiques/book market
The HagueThursday (Oct-Apr)10:00-18:00Het Plein (City Center)antiques/book market
The HagueWednesday09:00-18:00Hofplaats (City Center)organic market

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