Support Groups in the Southeast Netherlands

Abuse, victim support, cancer support, information about family planning - helplines, support groups and newcomer contacts in Eindhoven, Maastricht, Breda and 's-Hertogenbosch...

Below you will find information on the various support organisations and helplines in the provinces of North Brabant and Limburg, including:

Cancer Support

Cancer Care in the Netherlands is usually handled by one of eight comprehensive cancer centres (CCCs). They are there to provide patient care, as well as to help relatives and to conduct further research.

Each CCC has a catchment area of between five and twenty hospitals. The Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (ACCC) co-ordinates these and provides information for patients and carers.

  • Comprehensive Cancer Centre Maastricht 
    : Parkweg 20, Maastricht
    Tel: 043 325 4059
    Fax: 043 325 2474

Victim Support

The national Victim Support organisation (Slachtofferhulp Nederland) has a website, as well as 75 regional offices throughout the Netherlands. The organisation provides legal advice and practical support to victims of attack, break-ins, burglaries and muggings, domestic and sexual violence, traffic accidents and stalking.

Regional offices can be contacted by email via their website, by using the local tariff number above, or by visiting a local office.

Addresses for Southern Holland:

  • North Brabant
    : Insulindelaan 122, 5613 BT Eindhoven
  • Limburg region
    : Om de Toren 4, 6191 KZ Beek

Family Planning and Sexual Health

The Rutgers Nisso Group is a national group dedicated to promoting sexual and reproductive health. It publishes booklets and trains healthcare professionals who help with family planning and counselling victims of sexual harassment and violence.

There are also local centres for birth control and sexuality known as Rutgershuizen, which can offer advice on medical issues, including abortion and the morning after pill.

  • Eindhoven
    • Rutgers Stimezo Zuid-Nederland
      : J. van Schoonvorststraat 22, 5611 PK Eindhoven
      Tel: 040 244 5976
  • Maastricht
    • CASA Maastricht
      : Parallelweg 45c, 6221 BD Maastricht
      Tel: 0900 0969

Mental Health

Mental Health issues are dealt with by various agencies. Many municipalities have responsibility for implementing policy in their region.

The Regional Institute for Outpatient Mental Health Care (RIAGG) is the main provider and has local websites and premises.

Newcomers Groups

These are some of the main groups for women residents of Southeast Holland:

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