Southeast Netherlands Utilities - Emergency and Service Numbers

Problems with your telephone, water or electricity or gas? See this page of contact numbers for fault reporting and customer service in Eindhoven, Maastricht, Breda, Venlo, 's-Hertogenbosch and surrounding areas...

Electricity & Gas: national 24-hour emergency number Tel: 0800 9009
Telephone (KPN): 24-hour emergency number Tel: 0800 0407


Each household or address has a single supplier. When moving into a new home, estate agents can often help with the formalities of getting connected or transferring water services to the new owner's/tenant's name. If this is not the case, contact the supplier and provide address, date of birth and a meter reading.

Company Service Contact
Brabant Water Eindhoven region and Tilburg region Tel: 073 683 8000
WML Maastricht region Tel: 0800 023 3040

Electricity and Gas

In the event of an electricity or gas emergency that is not life threatening, contact the supplier for information.

The two major suppliers for the Southeast Netherlands are:

Company Service Contact
Endinet Eindhoven and Helmond region Tel: 0900 0601
Enexis Maastricht and Tilburg region Tel: 0900 7808700

There are a number of other suppliers in Southeast Netherlands:

Supplier Telephone
E.on 0900 0601
Essent 088 8511 000
Green Choice 010 4782 326
Intergas 0162 4815 00
Nuon 078 1529 29
Oxxio 0900 5566 777
Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij 088 7307 307

Rubbish Removal and Recycling

Maastricht has comprehensive policies for rubbish separation and recycling.

  • For full details (in English) on waste management: Click here

Eindhoven has three recycling centres. Waste is collected every one to two weeks.

  • For information on waste collection in Eindhoven: Click here

Useful Words

  • Emergency (Storing)
  • Emergencies (Storingen)
  • Emergency number (Storingsnummer)