Getting Around the Netherlands

Due to its small size, the Netherlands is relatively easy and affordable to get around...

The Netherlands has a modern infrastructure and public transport services, and due to the small size of the country, it is relatively easy (albeit expensive) to get around.

Travel planner website 9292 gives information on departure times and schedules across all forms of public transport and all transport companies, as well as the walking routes between specified addresses and their stops. Maps of the various lines can be found at bus stops and can also be obtained from some information offices.

The Netherlands by Coach

There are no coach services within the Netherlands although larger coach-like buses travel across the Afsluitdijk connecting Friesland with North Holland. The Netherlands can be reached from many European destinations by coach, an affordable way of travelling for those on a budget. Eurolines has an extensive network of coaches with many coaches running at least once a week from major European cities. Megabus offers some routes to and from the Netherlands.