Doing Business in the Netherlands

Find out how to go about starting a new enterprise in the Netherlands...

Anyone with the right to work in the Netherlands may start a business. Other requirements like the amount of capital needed depends on the type of business.

The Chamber of Commerce (KvK) has information available in English and all communication can be conducted in English, including the registration appointment. Business registration incurs a one-time €50 fee.

Note: It is illegal for the Dutch Tax Office to communicate in English. This includes phone calls and emails. The only exception to this is when a caller has moved away from the Netherlands or owns a business in the Netherlands but does not live there. For foreigners starting a business in the Netherlands, it is recommended to either learn Dutch, retain the services of a Dutch-speaking accountant or have a translator available.

The Netherlands has relatively liberal rules for foreign companies wishing to do business in the country. Businesses based outside of the Netherlands are not subject to any special restrictions when wishing to trade in the Netherlands.

  • Foreign-based companies may find the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) to be a helpful source of information and assistance. NFIA is a branch of the Ministry of Economic Affairs