Dutch Business Trade Register

Understand the purpose of the Trade Register for Businesses in the Netherlands...

Registration of a business is completed via the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel or KvK). The Trade Register provides information about things such as a company's capital, deposits with the Chamber of Commerce (Deponeringen), mergers or splits, whether a business is still an ongoing concern and who the authorised signatories are.

Any organisation that performs an activity for economic gain must register with the KvK in the district in which the business is located. This registration does not incorporate a business; it is part of the process of opening a business. There is a one-time €50 fee for registration.

A business should register within one week (before or after) the business is to commence trading. Registration by mail takes approximately a week, but registration in person takes about an hour (an appointment is required). Take valid personal identification and/or a resident's permit if applicable.

Registrants may also need to provide a rental contract stating the business premises address for any rented premises. A registration number is assigned on registration, which must be printed on all future outgoing post.

  • Note: If there are no rented premises, the home address must be used as the business address. This address (and contact phone number) then becomes a matter of public record and is published online by the KvK. The KvK also sells this information to telemarketing companies and the like. Anyone wishing to keep their personal details private will need to arrange another address and phone number specifically for their business.

Registration forms are available from the KvK. Forms are in Dutch but English translations may be available or the KvK can help fill out the form during a registration appointment.

Any changes to company information must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce Trade Register.

Registration with the Tax Office

During the registration appointment, the KvK will register the new business with the Tax Office (Belastingdienst). The business owner will need to provide an approximate estimate of future yearly earnings during registration with the KvK and this information is supplied to the Tax Office. A week or so after the KvK registration appointment, the business owner will receive two letters a couple of days apart. One letter contains the Tax Registration Number and is the username for logging into the Tax Office website. The second letter contains the password, which can be changed on first login. It is important to keep this information in a secure place as it provides access to the administration area of the Tax Office website, where regular records must be submitted.

Permits and Diplomas

To enter into some lines of business, it is necessary to obtain required permits and certification from the local council and/or Chamber of Commerce. For example, teachers are required to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct. It may also be necessary for foreign diplomas to be legalised. The Chamber of Commerce can be of assistance in determining these requirements.