School Holidays in Panama

The school calendar in Panama; find out when schools close for vacations and the children are on holiday...

The academic year in state schools generally starts at the end of February or beginning of March and ends mid-December. The school year is divided into three trimesters as follows:

  1. February/March to June
  2. June to September
  3. September to December

There is a one week vacation at the end of the first and second trimester.

Information on school holiday dates for state-run schools in Panama can be found on the Ministry of Education (Ministerio de EducaciĆ³n) website. Select Calendario Escolar from the menu on the left.

However, most international schools follow their own school system. This means that the French, British, Japanese and American schools in Panama follow the same school year as their country, and may also follow their country's public holidays as well.