Students and Teenagers in Panama

Guidelines and resources for young people on health matters, working, activities, having fun and meeting other young people in Panama...

Those under 18 years of age are classified as minors in Panama.

Curfew Regulations

Panama City imposes a curfew for minors, which is strictly enforced. Between 20:00 and 06:00 Sunday to Thursday and between 23:00 to 06:00 Friday and Saturday, children and teenagers must be accompanied by parents or guardians if they are not at home. Students who must attend night classes need to have a permit issued by their school and must carry it on them when they are out.

Minors who violate the curfew may be detained at a police station and only released once parents or guardians arrive to collect them. There may be a fine of up to US$50 for a first-time offender. The amount is at the discretion of the local corregidor (magistrate). Fines are doubled every time the minor re-offends.

Youth Employment

Panama has strict labor laws and it is illegal for minors to work or even have part-time jobs. However, in rural areas of the country, this regulation is not always enforced.

Student Discounts

Students and young people in full-time education can receive discounts when visiting libraries, museums and other cultural or education institutions that require an entry fee.

Leaving the Country

Note that certain restrictions are in place on the departure of minors resident in Panama.  When leaving the country, residents of Panama under the age of eighteen must present notarised copies of birth certificates as well as passports. To leave the country, a resident minor will also need to meet one of these criteria:

  • Travel with both parents
  • Travel with one parent, and possess written consent from the other certified by a notary public
  • Travel with one parent and present a death certificate for the other, with a judicial note to confirm the death certificate
  • Travel alone or with a third party, and present written consent from both parents certified by a notary public