Electricity and Gas in Panama

Find out how to get connected to gas and electricity suppliers in Panama...

Getting Connected: Gas

Bottled gas in Panama City is provided by two companies, Tropigas and Panagas.

In Panama City, the gas service is usually provided centrally for apartment buildings, and so it is included in Homeowners Association fees (HOA) and is not the responsibility of the tenant. In apartment buildings the gas is never turned off, so there is no need to have the service re-connected.

For a house, take the housing contract to the gas company and buy a gas tank if there is not one present in the house already, although this is rare. Call the company separately to make an appointment to have the gas turned on, which usually takes between two and five days. Whenever the tank is empty, or almost empty, call the company again to have the tank refilled (this is usually done within two to five days). Most people get two tanks so that they do not need to be refilled as often. Payment for refills is made on delivery.

Getting Connected: Electricity

Electricity in Panama is owned and provided by one company, Union Fenosa. To have the electricity connected, take the housing contract to the company, as well as a passport (or photocopy) and pay a service deposit. An appointment is then made (either at the same time in person or by telephone) to have a Union Fenosa employee come to the residence and switch on the service. This process can take a long time - between one and two weeks - and it is advisable to start the process as soon as a housing contract has been finalized.

Electricity bills

In every apartment and house there is an electricity meter that is automatically read every month. A bill is left at the front door of an apartment, or at the gate of a house.

It is possible to pay electricity bills online, or by going to an E-Pago or Rapid Money station. These stations are available throughout the city with locations in most grocery stores, malls and shopping centers. Simply hand the bill to the teller and pay the desired amount. Payments are processed immediately from E-Pago stations, with the company receiving the money and usually updating the account within a few hours. Payments via Rapid Money stations, however, can take several days.

Late electricity payment

Electricity is turned off after two months of late payment. When the second bill is delivered it is possible to pay both months at once in order to retain the service.