Domestic Water Supply

Understanding the Panama water supply system and how to get connected...

Water in Panama City is provided by IDAAN, a government-owned company. When a property has been bought, take the housing contract to IDAAN in person, as well as a passport (or photocopy) and pay a deposit to begin the service. An appointment is then made to have an IDAAN employee turn on the water. All water supplied to the inside of a house is the owner's responsibility; however, all outdoor water is supplied by the government.

When renting a house, the tenant has to pay for the water. If this is the case, the process of having the service turned on is the same as if the property had been bought.

However, when renting an apartment in Panama City, the water service is usually paid by the building's management company as water is included in Homeowners Association fees (HOA) and is always left on.

Water in Panama City is safe to drink, and tap water is safe throughout most of Panama as well. The only exception is in Bocas del Toro province on the Caribbean coast, where water is not safe to drink and it is necessary to buy bottled water. Bottled water is readily available and affordable.

Water bills

Water bills can be paid online, or by going to an E-Pago or Rapid Money station. These stations are available throughout the city with locations in most grocery stores, malls and shopping centers. Simply hand the bill to the teller and pay the desired amount. Payments are processed immediately from E-Pago stations, with the company receiving the money and usually updating the account within a few hours. Payment via Rapid Money stations, however, can take several days.

  • IDAAN (Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales) (in Spanish)
    Tel: 523 8567