Consular Guides for Foreign Visitors and Residents in Panama

Information on how citizens of the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada can access consular services from their Embassy in Panama...

Most countries have an embassy or a consular office to deal with matters affecting their own nationals living in or visiting the country.

UK Citizens

The British Embassy in Panama is located in Panama City. Its consular services provide assistance and support to British nationals living in the country.

  • British Embassy in Panama City
    At: MMG Tower, Calle 53, Marbella, Apartado 0816-07946, Panama City
    Tel: 297 6550
    Open: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 09:00-11:00

The following services are provided by the Embassy in Panama City:

  • Travel advice for the country, including information on natural disasters, staying healthy and general safety
  • Advice and assistance for people in difficulty, whether it is a lost passport, money problems or for those who are victims of a crime
  • Information on local doctors, lawyers and interpreters
  • Advice on daily life in Panama, for example how to deal with mobile phones
  • Legalizing documents

The UK government's GOV.UK website provides information online for Britons considering moving abroad and for those already there. It includes tax, health and education advice as well as a section on what to do when returning to the UK.

British passports are not issued by the British Embassy in Panama. Applications for first passports and renewals must be sent to HM Passport Office for processing.

  • To find out how to apply for a UK passport while overseas: Click here

US Citizens

The United States maintains an Embassy in Panama City.

  • US Embassy in Panama City
    At: Building 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Avenue, Clayton, Panama
    Tel: 207 7000
    Open: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 08:00-12:30 and 13:30-15:00; Wednesday from 08:00-12:00; Friday from 08:00-10:00

The Embassy provides the following services for US citizens in Panama:

  • A list of local medical providers
  • Information on traveling safely within Panama
  • Advice on daily life including getting a driving license and how to purchase a property in Panama
  • Information on voting and income tax
  • Passport applications
  • Notarial services

The Federal Benefits Unit at the Embassy provides assistance to individuals who receive benefits from the United States Social Security Administration, the Civil Service or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • For more information on the Federal Benefits Unit: Click here

The Embassy provides detailed information on how to register a birth while in Panama and how to apply for a child's first US passport. They also provide information on how to deal with a death while in the country.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens have access to consular services in Panama at their country's Embassy in Panama City.

Services offered by the Embassy for Canadian citizens include:

  • Advice and help in an emergency, for example in the case of ill health, a missing person or a natural disaster
  • Dealing with a lost or stolen passport
  • Visa services
  • Advice on voting while living abroad
  • Information on returning to Canada including how to import a vehicle or a pet
  • Advice on doing business with Panama

The Embassy can give advice on how to register a birth in the country.