Out and About With Babies and Children

Find out about playgrounds, parks, road safety and exit requirements for toddlers in Panama...

Municipal parks and playgrounds

There are plenty of parks in Panama City, ranging in size and amenities provided. Many of these parks are home to baseball and soccer leagues, fitness or aerobic classes, and often host public events, or events for child groups, such as the girl scouts of Panama.

Some shopping centers and shops offer play areas for small children and toddlers.

Toddler groups

Formal toddler groups and play groups do not exist in Panama although many expatriate websites have forums where groups can be organized or joined.

Children's road safety

By law children under five must travel in the rear of the car in fitted child seats.

Leaving the Country

Note that certain restrictions are in place on the departure of minors resident in Panama.  To leave the country, a resident minor will need to meet one of these criteria:

  • Travel with both parents
  • Travel with one parent, and possess legally certified permission from the other
  • Travel with one parent and present a death certificate for the other, with a judicial note to confirm the death certificate
  • Travel alone or with a third party, and present legally certified permission from both parents

It is also widely reported that when leaving the country, residents of Panama under the age of eighteen must present original birth certificates as well as passports.  It is strongly suggested that these are brought for inspection.