Pet Threats and Animal Dangers

Ticks, snakes and other things that may threaten the health of dogs and other animals living in Panama...

Toxic chemicals

One of the most prevalent threats to pets in Panama is the improper disposal of harmful and toxic chemicals and other materials that animals may come into contact with. Pets should not be allowed to roam unattended and should be kept well away from rubbish or standing water at all times.


Ticks are a major problem in Panama. They are abundant and thrive in the hot climate. The government takes no precautions against pests in terms of pesticides or regular chemical sprays so any area of grass is likely to contain ticks. Ticks can cause blood diseases in pets and Lyme disease in humans. It is advisable to check a pet's paws, legs, belly and ears at least once a day.

Treatments for ticks are widely available in Panama; however, these alone are not sufficient. If living in a property with an outdoor area, it is advisable to spray pesticides approximately once a month.


Outside of Panama City wild animals are a real threat to domestic animals. Snakes, large cats and birds and aggressive rodents such as coatimundis populate jungles and unkept areas and have been known to hunt cats and small dogs. Insects are also extremely common and can sting or bite pets.