Emergency Hospitals & Pharmacies

Information on Accident & Emergency hospitals as well as details on finding a 24-hour pharmacy in Panama City...

Emergency Hospitals

There are a number of hospitals with Accident and Emergency rooms open 24-hours a day:

Hospital Punta Pacifica: Hospital managed by John's Hopkins Hospital in the USA. Services include maternity, emergency, radiology, clinical laboratory, endoscopy, cardiology, preventive medicine, surgical packages.

Clinica Hospital San Fernando: Pediatric and adult hospital for emergencies, diagnostic and cardiovascular, blood bank, pulmonology and allergist, radiology and imagery.

Centro Medico Paitilla: Services offered include oncology, maternity, emergency hospitilization and ICU, surgery, radiology and imagery, physical therapy and clinical laboratory.

Hospital Nacional: Complete health services including emergency, laboratory, pharmacy, physical therapy, genetic center and cardiology.

  • Hospital Nacional
    At:  Avenida Cuba, between Calle 38 and Calle 39
    Tel: 207 8100 / 306 3300
    Fax: 227 0580 / 207 8337 

Clinica Sanmartin: Dental practice providing emergency services and home visits.


24-hour pharmacies can be found in El Rey supermarkets, which have many locations in Panama City. During the day, pharmacies can be found in grocery stores such as Riba Smith and Super 99.