Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies in Panama

Understand what costs to expect if you are hospitalized or prescribed medication, and how to find your nearest 24 hour pharmacy in Panama…


All hospitals in Panama City provide a good standard of care and doctors will usually speak English. Hospital Punta Pacifica is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US and is a popular choice for visitors and residents.

  • Hospital Punta Pacifica: Hospital managed by Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA. Services include maternity, emergency, radiology, clinical laboratory, endoscopy, cardiology, preventive medicine, surgical packages.
    At: Boulevard Pacifica and Via Punta Darien, next to Multicentro mall
    Tel: 204 8000
    Fax: 204 8010
  • Clinica Hospital San Fernando: Pediatric and adult hospital for emergencies, diagnostic and cardiovascular, blood bank, pulmonology and allergist, radiology and imagery
    At: Via España, next to McDonald's
    Tel: 305 6300 
    Fax: 305 6303
  • Centro Medico Paitilla: Services offered include oncology, maternity, emergency hospitilization and ICU, surgery, radiology and imagery, physical therapy and clinical laboratory
    : Avenida Balboa and Calle 53 in Marbella
    Tel: 265 8800
  • Hospital Nacional: Complete health services including emergency, laboratory, pharmacy, physical therapy, genetic center and cardiology
    At:  Avenida Cuba, between Calle 38 and Calle 39
    Tel: 207 8100 / 306 3300
    Fax: 227 0580 / 207 8337 
  • Clinica Einstein: Full medical and health services offered. No appointment needed, walk-ins welcome. Secretaries and receptionists may not speak English, but doctors are usually fluent
    At: Via Argentina, next to Arrocha
    Tel: 264 7110
    Fax: 264 7221
  • El Santuario Clinic: Free clinic providing a range of health and medical services. Managed and operated by staff of the International School of Medical Services and its students
    At: Avenida Rumph in the Howard Air Base area
  • Panama Medical Association: Secretaries and receptionists may not speak English, but doctors are usually fluent
    At: Avenida Manuel Espinosa Batista, Bella Vista
    Tel: 223 5555
    Fax: 223 1462


A clinic is a popular option for regular check-ups, or for routine visits regarding a general ailment. Clinical doctors are fully trained and licensed, and generally speak English fluently. They are usually general practice doctors and can treat colds, flus, viruses, infections and basic problems.

Clinics are walk-in and there is usually less than a five minute wait to see a doctor.

Clinics in Panama generally charge around US$20 for a visit and doctors will charge between US$50 and US$100 for standard appointments. Hospital doctors are all specialized and charge slightly more to operate out of a hospital.

Patients with a specialized problem or who have a major or long-term ailment should make an appointment to see a doctor in a hospital. One benefit of doing so is that X-Rays, blood tests or any other supplementary examinations can take place within the same building on the same day. Referrals to other specialized doctors can also usually take place within the same day and in the same building.

There are also pharmacies in the hospitals so prescriptions can be collected immediately and conveniently.


The only 24 hour pharmacy available in Panama is located in the El Rey supermarkets. El Rey is found in many locations around the city.

Other pharmacies include Arrocha and Metro X, as well as pharmacies in other grocery stores such as Riba Smith and Super 99.
Some Super 99 stores are open 24 hours a day and have pharmacy services available, but not all.