Malaria and Dengue Fever in Panama

Information about the dangers of malaria and dengue fever in Panama, and how to avoid exposure to these common diseases…

Malaria and dengue fever are common in Panama. Dengue fever can occur anytime during the year and there is no vaccine or treatment. Visitors and residents should take care to avoid mosquito bites.

With increased reports of outbreaks in Panama City the government takes regular precautions against outbreaks. Every so often a government health and safety team will visit public locations and residences to inspect for standing water that could be a nesting area for mosquitoes.

Areas that are most affected in Panama City are: San Miguelito, Chilibre, Las Cumbres, 24 de Diciembre, Mañanitas, Tocumen, Pueblo Nuevo, Curundú, Bethania, Juan Diaz, Parque Lefevre, Rio Abajo, San Francisco, Bella Vista and Calidonia.