Family Planning in Panama

Information about the types of contraception available in Panama and where to go for birth control advice…

Some forms of family planning are available in Panama. Contraceptives are widely available; condoms, some intrauterine devices, and tubal ligation can be obtained by women cost free.

All brands of contraceptive pill are available without prescription, however they have different names and it is advisable to consult a doctor first to find out what the drug is called locally.

Other methods such as contraceptive implants, hormone injections, and patches are also available. These forms of contraception cannot be obtained for free, but are much cheaper than they would be in first-world countries.

Sterilization for women in public health centers is only possible after a woman has given birth to two or more children and she is over the age of 23.  Older men may also request sterilization.

The Panama Family Planning Association (Asociación Panameña para el Planeamiento de la Familia - APLAFA), a private program, was founded in the 1960s to help control the size of families. The group has worked to reduce teen pregnancy and aid women with pre- and postnatal care in the case of unwanted pregnancies. The government also offers services to educate couples about natural and modern methods of birth control.