Mobile Cellular Telephones

Find out how to get yourself a mobile cellular phone in Panama...

Cellular telephone contract providers include Cable & Wireless Panamá, ClaroCOM, Digicel Panamá and Movistar.

Pre-paid mobile phones

Pre-paid mobile phones can be bought and cards of telephone credit can be purchased and charged to the phone, which allows unlimited incoming calls for 30 days once the phone is activated, even if the outgoing minutes are used up.

The telephone operating language is Spanish, but this can be changed to English by an employee before leaving the store.

To get a mobile phone contract, go to a telephone store and provide a housing contract to prove residency and a passport (or a photocopy).

If a contractual mobile phone is lost or stolen, contact the service provider to cancel the service.

One of the main service providers for pre-paid mobile phones is Movistar.