Drinks in Panama

Information about some of the main alcoholic and soft drinks to be found in Panama...

Alcoholic Drinks (Licores, Alcoholes, Tragos)

Alcohol in Panama is cheaper to produce and import than most soft drinks and drinks are often served with the alcohol in a glass with ice and the soft drink separately. This can be better for visitors, because when drinks are mixed at the bar, the ratio is usually about 95 percent alcohol to 5 percent mixer.

Wine is fairly new in Panama, though there are now several restaurants and bars that specialize in serving wine. Red wine is often served chilled. Sangria, however, is extremely popular and is found in every bar or restaurant that serves alcohol. It is served by the glass or pitcher. A pitcher contains ice, fruit, wine, and brandy.

There are several local brands of beer (cerveza), all pale and light lagers.

Local spirits include seco, which is distilled from sugar cane and often served with milk and ice. Abuelo is a local rum which is usually served with cola and ice.

Soft Drinks (Bebidas)

  • Chichas - juice with water added
  • Chicheme - a corn-based drink with sugar, cinnamon and water
  • Batidos - smoothies