Using a Panama Bank Account

Understand the products and services available from banks in Panama, including what to do if credit cards or debit cards are lost or stolen...

There are three different types of bank accounts available in Panama: checking, savings and term deposits.

Banks in Panama offer services such as online banking, ATMs, drive-through windows for withdrawals and deposits, modern facilities and multiple branches throughout the country. Banks in rural areas may not offer all of these features, however, and branches may be less prevalent.

Debit cards in Panama have a "Clave" logo on them, this allows account holders to withdraw money from an ATM with a "Plus" or "Interlink" symbol. Note: A service fee is charged for withdrawing money from an ATM owned by a different bank.

Depending on the type of account chosen the account holder is issued with a check book, and/or a debit/ATM card. Newly established banks may take longer to issue these items, for example, Unibank does not issue debit cards immediately.

Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Cards

The bank should be contacted as soon as it is noticed that a card has gone missing. The card should be canceled and a new one requested. Policies for fraudulent charges vary from bank to bank.