Panama City Administration Offices

Contact details for the local administration offices in Panama City; the places to go for residency permits, driving licenses and registering a birth, death or marriage...

Panama City is the capital city of the Republic of Panama and lies in the district of Panama in Panama Province.

Some of the local administration offices in Panama City include:

  • The Municipality of Panama (Municipio de Panamá) - to pay parking tickets and to get car license plates
    • Municipality of Panama
      At: Avenida Justo Arosemena, Edificio Hatillo, Panama City
      Tel: 506 9600 / 506 9700 / 506 9704 / 506 9705
  • The Civil Registration Office or Electoral Tribunal (Tribunal Electoral) - to register births, marriages or deaths. In Panama City, the Municipal Civil Courts are located on Via España, adjacent to the Alhambra Cinemas in the former offices of the Port Authority
    • Electoral Tribunal (Tribunal Electoral)
      At: Edificio del Registro Civil, Calle El Pausílipo y Av. República de Cuba, Bella Vista, Ciudad de Panamá