Bus Services in Panama City

Information about getting around Panama City by bus...

In 2012, Panama City welcomed a new fleet of city busses called Metro Busses. These newly-built busses are clean, air conditioned and held to high health and safety standards.

To use these busses, a rechargeable bus card (the Tarjeta Metrobus) is needed. This can be bought at Metro Bus kiosks or at most grocery stores. Credit (from 50 cents to $50) is loaded onto the cards. Routes that use the city streets are cheaper than routes marked Corredor Sud or Corredor Norte, which use Panama's main highways (corredores).

  • For a full list of bus card recharging points: Click here (in Spanish)

All Metro bus stops are indicated by an orange sign reading "Metro Bus". Busses go by every fifteen minutes, but this can vary. Those who wish to board an oncoming bus should signal to the driver by waving.

When entering a bus, scan the card at the scanner near the driver's seat and pass through the entryway. To leave the bus, push one of the red buttons and the driver will stop at the next available stop. To transfer busses, swipe the card on the scanner near the exit; this allows passengers a period of forty minutes in which to transfer busses without being charged twice.

  • For a list of Metro Bus routes: Click here (in Spanish)

The main bus terminal in Panama City is the Gran Terminal Nacional, situated near the Albrook Mall. Metro Busses that read "Albrook" stop at this terminal. Tickets can be purchased at the Gran Terminal Nacional for busses to other provinces in Panama as well as international destinations.

Panama Underground Railway

There is a metro system currently being built underground in Panama City. It is expected to open in 2014, and will have one line to begin with.