City of Knowledge Work Visa

Information on the requirements and application procedures for a short-term visa for employees working in the City of Knowledge in Panama...

This visa allows businesses operating in Panama City's City of Knowledge business development (Ciudad del Saber) to hire foreign employees for a limited amount of time. Foreigners must provide certain skills or expertise, either technical, cultural, artistic, musical, professional, educational or scientific. The visa allows workers a maximum of three months. It is non-extendable and the stay in Panama must be longer than 15 days.

A lawyer is normally needed to apply for any visa, and they will advise on the visa most appropriate for an applicant. For this particular visa, the application and process is often handled by the employer's attorney. They process the documents obtainable in Panama and counsel foreign employees on how to obtain the necessary documentation prior to leaving for Panama. The requirements for this visa are as follows:

  • City of Knowledge Work Visa application form
  • Three passport-sized photographs
  • Copies of the ID document of the country of origin, or permission of residence
  • US$100 payment to the Panama National Service of Immigration
  • Copies of the electronic or printed airline ticket, paid for return
  • Proof of hotel reservation or other place of lodging
  • National Tax Payment Certificate (Paz y Salvo) of incomes of the business applicant
  • Social Security Payment Certificate (Paz y Salvo CSS) of the business applicant
  • Letter of responsibility by the business
  • Proof of ability to pay the income tax pertaining to the value of the labor contract
  • US$250 Deposit of Guarantee to the account of the business contractor