Investor Visa in Panama

Information on the requirements and application procedures for an Investor Visa...

Panama has some very attractive benefits to entrepreneurs, who can enter the country on an investor visa. This visa is for those starting a business in Panama, or investing in an existing business. There are several stipulations:

  • The business must be established in Panama with at least US$160,000 (plus $2000 per dependent) invested
  • The company must be registered in Panama's Social Security program and the investment funds must come from abroad
  • At least five Panamanian employees must be hired, paid minimum wage and given social security benefits

The visa provides a two year residency permit. After two years, a permanent visa will be granted. After five years, the process of applying for Panamanian nationality and citizenship can be started.

To apply for the investor visa, it is necessary to provide the following:

  • A sworn declaration
  • A letter from the company's accountant attesting to the applicant's investment in the company
  • A letter from either the secretary or treasurer of the company certifying the investment.
  • A certification of the Public Registry that credits the purpose of the corporation, its capital and the visa applicant's appointment as director of the corporation
  • Copy of the Social Security payroll certifying that the company is operating
  • Declaration before a notary certifying the investment
  • Employer's Social Security payroll
  • Social Security good standing certificate
  • First tax return
  • Lease agreement or property title deeds and public utility bills

Agricultural Business visa

This is a new visa. The minimum investment required is US$60,000. The investment must be in an agricultural area which is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tax Free Processing Zone Investor visa

The conditions of this visa are that an export business must be established and rented through a 10 or 20 year concession in one of Panama's new tax-free zones.