Exchanging a Foreign Driving License in Panama

Find out how to exchange your foreign driving license for a Panamanian one...

To exchange a driving license in Panama, the following documents should be supplied (all foreign documents should be translated into Spanish):

  • Residency card, original plus a photocopy
  • Foreign license, plus a copy which must be authenticated by the applicant's Consulate in Panama and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores)
  • Blood-type test. If the license does not state the holder's blood type, proof of this information is required from a doctor, and the license holder must visit a laboratory certified by the Panama Road Transport Department (Autoridad del TrĂ¡nsito y Transporte Terrestre - ATTT)
  • Medical test if the license holder is over the age of 70

These documents should then be presented to a SERTRACEN service center. The process takes two to three hours and the applicant then receives a local license.

To make the process simpler for American citizens, the US Embassy American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit uses an online appointment system for notary services. The applicant should take their valid US driving license to the ACS Unit and ask for an affidavit. This is a standard form that must be notarized and the cost is US$50.

The current valid license and notarized documents should then be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification.

  • For further information on exchanging a foreign driving license: Click here (in Spanish)