Vehicle Inspections and License Plates in Panama

All vehicle owners must renew license plates annually and undergo regular inspection, by official test centers. Find out where and how to renew plates and get a car tested...

Vehicle license plates must be renewed annually in Panama.

Renewing Vehicle License Plates

To renew a license plate the vehicle must undergo a vehicle inspection (revisado). This must be done at a garage which has authorization from the Autoridad del Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (ATTT) to carry out inspections. Most garages can carry out vehicle inspections or direct customers to one that does.

Vehicles are tested mainly for lights, brakes and their general condition. Any problems are usually fixed on-site and the car is then re-inspected. There is no charge for a second inspection. Once a vehicle is approved, the vehicle registration certificate (Registro Unico de Propiedad Vehicular) is stamped and signed.

Then go to the local Municipio (municipal office) with the following documents:

  • Current vehicle registration certificate (Registro Unico de Propiedad Vehicular)
  • Previous vehicle inspection certificate (Revisado Vehicular del año anterior) if applicable
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Paz y Salvo document, which states that there are no outstanding tickets or dues. To get the Paz y Salvo online: Click here

A fee must also be paid.

The municipal office then issues either new license plates or updated stickers to apply to the old license plates.